Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Dragons Breath Blog will be breathing fire!

The Dragons Breath Blogs will be the thoughts and ramblings of some of the characters involved in Maelgwyn Mineral Services (MMS). The blog is not intended to be filled with company news items as that is why we have the “News” section of the company website ( Rather, we want to share our opinions of topics related to mining, mineral processing and the environment. It obviously will be influenced by the products and processes that MMS are working on because that’s what we do. And we’ve been doing MMS stuff for nearly 14 years and industry stuff for over 30 years (some of us) so we are quite passionate about it.
We want to make things interesting, almost certainly challenging, maybe worth discussion and hopefully entertaining, because after all, we are fairly keen to have “followers” following us and keep following us. Otherwise there is not much point if we just keep things to ourselves. We have management meetings (and the pub) for that.
So, what are we going to blog about? Well, for sure innovation (or lack of it) and up take of new technology in the minerals industry. That’s something we’re keen on but get very frustrated by. We’re also going to blog on pertinent current topics such as the use of cyanide for gold recovery and the relevance of the Cyanide Code; the importance of improving energy efficiencies in our processes, especially in liberation; and why, after 113 years we are mostly still using big, inefficient tanks with massive energy inefficient stirrers to contact liberated minerals with air bubbles (innovation, what innovation?). OK, that last one we do have strong opinions about. With a bit of luck there will be many more thought provoking topics.
We’re going to try and keep the blog coming at regular intervals so keep following.

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